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Volunteer Team Manager Needed

The role of a TEAM MANAGER (VTM) in a National Basketball Team Team during the appointed period towards any major games or competitions includes: 1) DUTIES OF VTMa) Team Logistics and Operations: - coordinate with the high-performance manager on administration matters to plan and make travel arrangements, accommodation, and transportation for the team (where required)- handling of additional paperwork with regards to the games /competitions where required- game day preparation such as ensuring team uniform meeting the required standard of respective competitions, proper locker room set up and post game procedures for players where required- in charge of team budget and all expenses during any games; as well as post-game budget report to Association- Attend *ALL*  meetings required for games pre and during trip, such as team managers briefs b) Key liaison personnel: - First and main point of contact for players- Works with the Association and coaching staff to provide all players the relevant Competition and training schedules c) Player Welfare and Support: - looking after players' well-being, addressing any issues they might have (during games overseas)- provide overall team support and morale d) Compliance and Regulations: - Supporting the coach and working with Association to ensure the team adheres to the rules and regulations of respective competitions/games such as player eligibility 2) PRE REQUISITEa) Effective Communication Skills- able to communicate in both English and Chinese for liaising matters between players, coaches, association, and external parties where required- able to write fluently in English b) Administrative Excellence- basic accounting knowledge- able to write in English, especially for Post Game report where required c) Experience in team management, particularly in Sports. - Prior experience in Basketball is highly beneficial.  d) Leadership skills-  Strong leadership and the ability to work well with diverse groups of people, - able to conduct one self well, especially during overseas games as a rep of the Association e) Problem-Solving Abilities: - ability to quickly resolve issues and adapt to changing situations especially during overseas games f) Commitment:- required to attend meetings where required- required to travel with team on training trips (local and overseas)  3. BENEFITSa) Professional Fulfillment: - The role offers immense satisfaction from being closely involved in the sport, contributing to the team's success, and working at a high level in the field of basketball. b) Networking Opportunities: - Opportunities to network with professionals in the sports industry, including coaches, athletes, and sports executives, locally and overseas c) Travel Opportunities: - Team managers would be able to travel with the team for games, tournaments, and training camps in various countries. d) Close Interaction with Athletes and Coach. - Working closely with elite athletes and coaches (such as Rasik) can be an enriching experience, offering insights into high-level sports performance and training. f) Learning Opportunities: - Being part of a national team 3x3 environment offers continuous learning opportunities in areas like sports management, team dynamics, and high-performance aspect of the sport- Exposure to high-quality training facilities, sports science, and elite sports methodologies  g) Recognition and Prestige: - Representing the Nation in various games locally and overseas, such as the Asia Cup, Sea Games, etc h) Making a Difference: - The opportunity to positively impact players' careers and personal development - the opportunity to contribute to the development of policies and programs through the Association Overall, the VTM plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the national basketball team, taking care of logistical, administrative, and operational aspects so that players and coaches can focus on their games pre, during and post-trip. It is also a platform for continuous learning and contribution to the development of the Sport. Please email your CV and contact information to Darwis at  The application closing date is Friday, 22nd December 2023  

Other News & Events
19-11-2023 | Announcements
BAS X Evolute Youth Development League 2023
Objective: Establish a competitive platform opportunity in Singapore that welcomes basketball youths from various backgrounds.CategoriesU13 Boys and GirlsU15 Boys and Girls U17 Boys and GirlsLeague Period20th November 2023 to 22 December 2023 every weekday 9:00AM to 6:00PMRegistration Period27 October 2023 to 10November 2023
19-11-2023 | Announcements
3X3 Coaching Clinic by Lazar Rasic
3X3 Coaching Clinic by Lazar Rasic Exciting news! Our 3X3 National Head Coach, Lazar Rasic, is hosting a coaching clinic, sharing insights from his journey as a professional 3X3 player and coach. Scan the QR code to join and delve into the world of 3X3 basketball! Date: 27/11/2023, MondayTime: 7pm to 10pmVenue: Singapore Basketball CentreRegistration Fee: 1) $50 for NROC Registered Coaches (CCE Hours included) 2) $70 for publicPayment Mode/Details to Basketball Association of Singapore:1) PayNow: S67SS0001J2) Bank Transfer: UOB 211-309-735-5#BasketballSingapore #CoachingClinic #FIBA3X3
19-11-2023 | Announcements
Nomination of Athletes Commission (AC)
Basketball Association of Singapore shall establish an Athletes Commission (AC) with the view to providing a process to promote open communication with the athletes.The AC shall comprise of no more than five (5) elected members, who are either past or present national Basketball athletes, including the Chairman who must be a former National Basketball athlete within the last 10 years from the time of election.To be eligible for nomination and appointment to the Athletes’ Commission, candidates applying for appointment as the Chairperson of the AC need to be at least 21 years of age, be a Singaporean, must not have a criminal record and, have never been sanctioned for a doping offence. Applicants (for nomination of AC member only) who are below 18 years of age must have the written consent of their parent or guardian.The Chairman and members of the AC shall be elected by National athletes who have represented Singapore in international Basketball competitions within the past twenty-four (24) months.The term of office of the AC members and their term limits, if any, shall follow that of the Board.The Chairman of the AC shall be appointed as a Board member with voting rights and shall represent the AC in the Board until the expiry of his term as Chairman of the AC..Do note that application forms must reach BAS by 26 October 2023, 5pm. Download the Athletes’ Commission Timeline for more information.Please contact High Performance Senior Executive Muhammad Darwis at for more information.
19-11-2023 | Announcements
Safe Sport Program
BAS is now a member of Safe Sport Program. Safe Sport Program is to safeguard participants in the sporting environment from abuse and harassment which undermine both the mental and physical health of participants and the integrity of sport. You may visit the the link to understand more about it. #PlayYourPart #TeamSafeSport #SafeinSport#basketballsingapore
19-11-2023 | Announcements
Annual General Meeting Notice
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: ELECTION OF NINE (9) BOARD MEMBERS FOR TERM 2023 TO 2026 AS ACCORDING TO BAS CONSTITUTION CLAUSES 24. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2023 of the Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS) was held on 14th September 2023, 7.30pm at the Singapore Basketball Centre, 601 Aljunied Avenue 1, Singapore 389962. Congratulations to all the newly elected board members!
19-11-2023 | Announcements
Annual General Meeting 2023
NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) 2023   Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting 2023 of the members of Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS) will be held on 14th September 2023, Thursday at 7.30 pm at the BAS Conference Room, 601 Aljunied Avenue 1, Singapore Basketball Centre, Singapore 389862.   AGENDA 1.                President’s Address 2.                To confirm and adopt the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 18 September 2022 3.                To receive the Annual Report for the Fiscal year ended 31 March 2023 4.                To receive the Annual Statement of Accounts for Fiscal year ended 31 March 2023 5.                Election of Members to Board as according to the BAS Constitution.   5.1.            To approve the list of nominations received 5.2.            Introduction of Candidates Standing for Election 5.3.            To conduct the election for nine (9) board members for the Term 2023 to 2026 in accordance with the provisions of the BAS Constitution, specifically outlined in Articles 19 and 24.   6.                To decide on any resolution which may be duly submitted to the meeting as provided under the Constitution 7.                To appoint Auditor for the ensuring year – 01 April 2023 to 31 March 2024 8.                To transact Any Other Business of which fourteen (14) clear days’ notice has been given in writing to the Secretary General  
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