About BAS Medical

Dr. Puah Ken Lee, Medical Director

Dr. Puah Ken Lee, our Medical Director at Basketball Association Singapore (BAS) First Aid and Life Support Centre, brings a fervent dedication to sports rehabilitation. Specializing in sports medicine with a focus on shoulder and elbow injuries, he lends his expertise from Artisan Sports & Orthopaedics Clinic, Singapore General Hospital, and as Chair of the Singapore Shoulder & Elbow Society.

Dr. Puah's commitment extends to education, teaching at prestigious medical schools and shaping future professionals through residency and training programs. He champions emergency medical services, conducting regular paramedic training sessions for BAS.

In his role as BAS Medical Director, Dr. Puah leads a team of skilled medical professionals ensuring top-tier medical care for basketball athletes. His passion for the game drives his pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our medical services.

Ms. Alice Sng, Physiotherapist

Ms. Alice Sng, a highly skilled physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience, specializes in sports-related injuries. After honing her expertise at Singapore General Hospital and the Singapore Sports Medicine Centre, she pursued her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy at Queensland University.

Now running The Physio & Sports Care Centre, Ms. Sng provides comprehensive care for various conditions, with a focus on sports injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, and preventive physiotherapy workouts. She also aids geriatric patients in improving daily functional activities.

Ms. Sng, an avid athlete herself, participates in marathons and vertical runs, providing first hand insight into athlete injuries. As chief physiotherapist for the National Basketball team since 2019, she brings this experience to BAS, aiding in athlete recovery and conducting sessions and workshops.

Working closely with BAS medical personnel, Ms. Sng ensures athletes receive optimal care for efficient recovery.

Mr. Lam Hei Meng, Paramedic Specialist

Mr. Lam Hei Meng, a paramedic specialist, brings extensive experience in pre-hospital emergency care. Committed to community well-being, he volunteers as a certified medical trainer, conducting life support training to enhance CPR awareness.

At BAS, Hei Meng collaborates with Dr. Puah to oversee medical staff, ensuring top-tier medical support for athletes. He also supervises administrative aspects of life support and first aid courses, ensuring compliance with SRFAC guidelines.